Trunomi – here’s what’s new…

Posted 12th November 2018 by in Newsletter

Trunomi: Power Consent; Build Trust

Announcing Trunomi’s latest updates across the entire platform for:

Developers: New APIs and Developer Portal
DPOs: Templates for Data Models and Consent Programs
Marketers: White-labelled Consent Capture Widgets

NEW for Developers

  • New logic & validation for Ledger API mandate events as well as consent events 
  • Improved Context API with new endpoints for better customer record management
  • Enhanced Ledger API functionality to allow permission durations to be extended

Trunomi – building on our API-First approach for seamless integration across your business

NEW for DPOs

  • Online and offline customer data rights management 
  • Definable methods of collection to support clear audit trails
  • Improved controls for the customer preference centre

Trunomi – giving DPOs the tools to easily manage customer data rights across the business

NEW for Marketers

  • Fully white-labelled customer consent capture widgets 
  • Updated wizard for simple data rights model creation
  • Pre-populated email content features
  • Connectors to MailChimp, Marketo and Salesforce

Trunomi – giving Marketeers the peace of mind when creating large scale campaigns  

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