Digitally update terms and conditions for consent management

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Sending account or policy change notifications through the post is expensive and restricts customer consent management capabilities.

Challenge: Solving Consent Management For Ts&Cs & Policy Change Documentation

  • Today a business (financial institution / insurance company) sends account or policy change notifications through the post – accumulating high costs without any customer consent management function
  • The business is unaware if the client has received the document and/or acknowledges they accept the changes to how the account is managed
  • Under new general data protection regulations (GDPR) – silence, pre-ticked boxes or inactivity will no longer constitute as consent
  • Customers must demonstrate clear, informed, unambiguous affirmative action


  • The Trunomi platform provides a secure, auditable & all-digital communication channel between the business and customer; businesses and customer can send documents and messages with ensured, certified delivery and consent management capabilities
  • TruCert provides trail of data interactions and provides a business and their client an immutable record of interaction and proof of consent. Interactions include –
    • Timestamping when a message is sent (transaction initiated), received, opened
    • When it is replied to and the action taken (transaction completed, update accepted)
    • Capture and store contextual and time bound consent
    • Connect consent to the digital device to further authenticate and validate digital client
  • Trunomi allows individuals to view documents, messages and TruCerts
  • Customer-driven data sharing platform reduces costs and inefficiencies and increases customer retention by enabling amazing end-to-end digital experience


Customer Experience

Innovative engagement tools build and strengthen customer relationship

Cost Saving

Efficient digital customer channels reduce pressures on customer services team and lower operational costs

Digital Data Delivery streamlines and secures client lifecycle experience

Customer interfaces (web/mobile) allow customers digital rights management over their data – ensuring informed & unambiguous consent – empower your customers.