Trunomi Features Update

Posted 9th November 2018 by in Blog, Consent, Features Update


It is approaching 6 months since The GDPR came into force. While many industries are still adapting to the changes, one thing has rung out clear: Industry leaders want to get this right. They don’t just want to be compliant, they want to do the right thing by their customers, consumers and users. GDPR isn’t just a compliance issue, it is a brand issue. How data is handled and the interactions with users around consent and data rights are all part of the brand experience.

With that in mind, in the latest release of the Trunomi Platform we have added a number of additional enhancements. The consent widgets have always been ‘brandable’ so that they provide a consistent user experience, and so that it is clear who users are interacting with. Your customers want to interact with you, they don’t want to be directed to a third party site or app with a logo they don’t recognise. We have taken this a step further, making it even easier to quickly customise the branding and look and feel of the consent and preference centre widgets. This means that an admin can have a sub brand or campaign specific look and feel set up in just a few clicks. We even provide the ability for an admin to preview the new widget. No need to involve developers, or get caught up in complex workflows. The widgets and preference centre deliver the same user experience across all touch points and campaigns, maximising usability and building trust. You can even add your company logo to the TruCerts issued by the platform.

Trunomi allows any business, regardless of size, to provide a seamless user experience that is consistent with the company’s brand, and delivers on the requirement to provide full data rights to users, in a clear and consistent way. By using the Trunomi Platform to record the legal basis for processing data, DPOs and CMOs can ensure that users have a portal that clearly lays out what data the company is holding and how it is used, and that enables the data subjects to exercise their rights. We have updated the preferences centre to put the information customers need front and centre, presented in a clear, easily intelligible way, in line with the guidance in the GDPR. As always, users can see any Requests they have in progress, and the DPO can get an overview of those requests in the main dashboard.

Despite media focus, GDPR isn’t just about consent. There are a range of legal basis to be managed, and the newly enhanced preference centre makes it clear, in a highly accessible manner, what data is being processed and why (the purpose), and what rights the user has. They can now update their preferences simply with a single click, making it faster to update consents, or to object where they might have concerns. This level of transparency and control ensures that brands can build and maintain the level of trust they need to deeply engage with their users.

As well as the enhancements to our widgets and preference centre, we have added a number of new integrations which enable seamless integration with marketing automation platforms. Standard connectors now include Salesforce, Mailchimp and Marketo,  covering CRM, email list management and marketing automation platforms. For a complete features list and pricing bands see our pricing here. You can see the latest updates for yourself by requesting a demo, or by signing up for a trial.