Trunomi joins Marketo® to offer marketers data rights and consent management

Posted 24th May 2018

Trunomi and Marketo® offer marketers data rights and consent management capabilities to turn GDPR into an opportunity Trunomi has announced a new partnership with Marketo...

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Automating Customer Consent for GDPR Compliance

Automating Customer Consent: Data Privacy in the age of Data Capitalism

Posted 17th May 2018

The race to achieve GDPR compliance Unless businesses want to be on the front page; consumer trust in data privacy is essential. GDPR introduces the key...

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Trunomi Case Study: FIS solves direct marketing for GDPR

Posted 19th October 2017

The GDPR Marketing Challenge In line with guidelines for GDPR marketing departments will be required to get specific, informed and opt-in consent from customers before using their...

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Data Rights Management | GDPR

EU GDPR Compliance with Trunomi – Article Summaries & Solutions

Posted 2nd August 2017

ABSTRACT: GDPR COMPLIANCE The EU GDPR regulation, which will be enforced from 25 May 2018, revolutionizes the data privacy landscape in Europe. GPDR gives individuals...

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