How will Brexit affect data management?

Posted 10th December 2018

HOW WILL BREXIT AFFECT DATA MANAGEMENT? GDPR prompted a seismic shift in the way businesses handle data, and the aftershocks are still being felt today....

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How to avoid ‘consent fatigue’

Posted 12th November 2018

HOW TO AVOID 'CONSENT FATIGUE' We all know how valuable customer data is. Take online retail as a classic case study. From analysing customer behaviour...

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Trunomi Features Update

Posted 9th November 2018

TRUNOMI FEATURES UPDATE It is approaching 6 months since The GDPR came into force. While many industries are still adapting to the changes, one thing...

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Team Trunomi: Meet Harris

Posted 30th October 2018

Meet Harris! Harris Georgakakis joined Trunomi in August 2017 and was made Lead Developer in August 2018. Originally from Greece he studied Software Engineering at...

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