Trunomi May Update

Posted 23rd May 2018

TRUNOMI MAY UPDATE   Trunomi joins Marketo  We've joined the Marketo Launchpoint partner ecosystem, providing marketers with the ability to deploy consent and data rights management directly...

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Trunomi December Update

Posted 11th January 2018

TRUNOMI DECEMBER UPDATE Trunomi wins the Global Fintech Hackcelerator & BakerCREDITS In November Trunomi exhibited and demoed at the Singapore Fintech Festival, the largest Fintech...

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Trunomi October Update

Posted 16th October 2017

TRUNOMI OCTOBER UPDATE Trunomi wins the Barclays Entrepreneur & Think RISE FinTech Award  The FinTech Award recognizes companies that work within the ThinkRiseLDN community and are...

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Trunomi August Update

Posted 10th August 2017

Subscribe to our updates TRUNOMI UPDATE - AUGUST 2017 This summer Trunomi is keeping a keen eye on the data privacy come back  - MEFs...

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