Automating Customer Consent: Data Privacy in the age of Data Capitalism

Posted 17th May 2018

Unless businesses want to be on the front page; consumer trust in data privacy is essential. GDPR introduces the key principles of data privacy by...

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Data is money: who is taking their fair share?

Posted 2nd November 2016

If you look at the huge corporate successes of recent years, they’re all very good at monetising data. Or to put it another way: they’re...

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Can payments firms monetise data and meet new privacy laws?

Posted 6th September 2016

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents a watershed moment for the payments industry. This is not simply another data compliance headache. GDPR enshrines...

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Data privacy in the age of data capitalism

Posted 8th June 2016

Data Privacy in the age of Data Capitalism Financial organisations the world over are clamoring to find ways to mine and use customer data; which,...

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