Solving the KYC and Data Sharing Challenge for the Financial Industry

Trunomi solves KYC and unlocks new revenues and efficiencies with technology to easily create and securely manage the consent to use customer personal data.

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Faster. Safer. Easier.

We build products that connect financial institutions and their customers, making their lives easier in an increasingly complex world. Our solutions streamline customer verification processes using a revolutionary consent-based data sharing platform.

5X Faster Client Onboarding at 20% the Cost
5X Faster Client Onboarding
at 20% the Cost

Dramatically improve operational efficiency for customer on-boarding and Customer Due Diligence (CDD). Save money by doing more work in less time and in doing so gain market advantage over competitors by turning your Know Your Customer (KYC) processes into a profit center.

Sync Pii. Don't Duplicate It.
Digital, shareable KYC data sets

Create fully digitized sets of KYC and Personally Identifiable Information (Pii) with real time audit-tracking back to the original source documents. Reduce compliance risk, spend more time on surveillance and customer service, rather than on repetitive manual processes and chasing customer documents.

Bulletproof Audit.
Consent-based data sharing

Trunomi has built an innovative, proprietary and decentralized consent-based data-sharing technology platform that solves data privacy issues. Our Platform gives Financial Institutions unprecedented ways to interact with customer Pii, reducing cost, lowering risk and uncovering new revenue streams.

Engage, get ahead, future-proof

Engage with your customers to drive faster, more reliable compliance. Use better data and work smarter – not harder!

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Enhanced KYC/AML due diligence
Get your customers working for you

Engage customers using TruMobile to eliminate redundant client contact and improve their account opening experience. Empower them with tools to simplify their due diligence requirements pertaining to KYC, AML, FATCA and other regulatory regimes. Eliminate the 35% or so of customer account openings that are abandoned mid-stream due to customer frustration, delays and inefficiency.

Enhanced KYC/AML due diligence
Enrich customer relationships
Get ahead of the compliance curve

TruHub leverages regulatory compliant workflows to ensure completeness of data capture and classification, reducing regulatory risk and staff training time and cost. Analyze comprehensive customer Pii data sets to create real-time KYC audits and run proactive analysis and surveillance. Improve board governance and regulatory interaction and reporting.

Enrich customer relationships
Complex challenge, turnkey solution
Get a turnkey configurable solution

Trunomi’s compliance solutions flexibly adjust to changing business conditions with minimal IT involvement to deploy. The system is easy to use, configure, train on and implement. It is also customizable to each Financial Institution (FI) and jurisdiction, as well as future-proofed as it can be configured by the FI at any time without requiring further IT expenditure.

Complex challenge, turnkey solution

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Trunomi In Action Global Law Firm Seeing 80% Efficiency Gains With TruHub

A customer of Trunomi, with offices in 12 countries, is seeing efficiency gains in excess of 80% on average for customer on-boarding in both speed and cost reduction. Auditable data sets are also de-risking their CRM systems and improving their real-time surveillance and ongoing CDD and KYC.

We are delighted to be working with Trunomi. Their systems demonstrate the very best combination of flexibility, user ease and robustness. We cannot wait to deploy it to our customer base Managing Partner